A retainer is a custom-made orthodontic appliances designed to “retain” or hold the position of your teeth. Once your braces come off, your teeth need to settle into the jawbone and soft tissue that hold them in place. Made of wire and plastic or solid plastic, your custom-made retainer will keep your teeth from shifting.

As you age, your teeth tend to shift. Your retainer will also help control this naturally occurring, age-related shifting. Wearing your retainer exactly as instructed is the best insurance that your orthodontic treatment results last a lifetime.

To work well retainers need to fit. Generally retainers last for 3-4 years – then need remaking to ensure they are fully efficient.

Are Retainers Comfortable To Wear?

When you wear your retainers, certain teeth may feel pressure and might even feel sore once in a while. If you experience this temporary discomfort, don’t worry — it’s completely normal. The more your wear it, the more comfortable it will be.

How Long Do I Have To Wear My Retainers?

Ideally for the rest of your life, in the evenings and when you go to bed.

We are able to make your removable retainers and it is a quick and painless experience starting with a mould of your teeth. This gives us an accurate impression of your teeth, we send this to our dental laboratory who then cast the retainer, it looks rather like a mouth guard, but is of a clear plastic rather than coloured. This is then fitted to ensure it is comfortable.